Definition of thumb nut in English:

thumb nut


  • another term for wing nut
    • ‘Sparkplug thumb nuts have a different profile than regular thumb nuts and are an excellent duplication of the originals.’
    • ‘Internal thread sizes of the standard thumb nuts are available in inch and metric.’
    • ‘The knob portion of the thumb nut is in the round knurled style with diameters that correspond to those of the existing product line.’
    • ‘A few quick twists of the thumb nut and you've got the tool on center, then you lock in that height setting with a jam nut atop the thumb nut.’
    • ‘A line having been selected at random, lock the device by screwing down the thumb nut.’
    • ‘Add a little bit of glitter with brass thumb nuts to replace those wing nuts or plastic thumb nuts.’
    • ‘These attractive, versatile wide grip thumb nuts are produced with open or closed ends and are available in a wide variety of head diameters and threaded sizes.’
    • ‘Thus, by adjusting the thumb nut, the size of the spark may be regulated at will.’
    • ‘Adjust the ease of this rotation by changing the tension on one or all of the thumb nuts.’
    • ‘A brass 1/4 x 20 thumb nut is supplied with each electrode.’
    • ‘If some other angle is desired or the fence needs to be removed the thumb nut is loosened and the bracket swings down where it will not protrude above the table.’
    • ‘As shown above, when the thumb nut is tightened, the split locking mechanism expands in the pallet bushing locking it in place.’
    • ‘Loosen the thumb nut to position the air pipe in the best location for removing sawdust without disturbing the cutting action.’
    • ‘The plates are secured to the base by means of two buttons, a tee bolt and thumb nut.’