Definition of thumb drive in English:

thumb drive


  • A flash drive or USB stick.

    • ‘SanDisk plans complementary enhancements to the USB thumb drives that are already in the market and use flash memory, Wong said.’
    • ‘Performance of the USB thumb drive was good as well.’
    • ‘Will the Corsair Flash Voyager prove to be more durable and longer lasting than other inexpensive thumb drives?’
    • ‘Most of these products include USB thumb drives, portable hard drives, computer peripherals, and graphics cards.’
    • ‘The iPod Shuffle connects as easily and predictably as a USB thumb drive.’
    • ‘The same madness about size seems to have spread to the USB thumb drive, which usually come in 128MB to 512MB sizes.’
    • ‘When the feature is ready to file I use a USB thumb drive to move the elements over to the IBM.’
    • ‘I use my USB thumb drive for file transfer because it's easier than a CD-R. It's not magically more or less dangerous than a CD-R.’
    • ‘Although digital storage devices such as thumb drives have been around for a few years, they are generally only used by people who work in IT departments.’
    • ‘By the sliding of a switch on this minuscule thumb drive, the drive would offer write protection.’
    • ‘It is safer to allow access only to named individuals, identifiable by a digital or PKI certificate such as a USB thumb drive.’
    • ‘Make it smaller and that will be lost - the Nano would become something utilitarian and forgettable like a thumb drive or a keychain.’
    • ‘Over the years, USB thumb drives have become so common that a lot of manufacturers have started dressing them up and adding more features to make them more appealing and stand out in a crowd.’
    • ‘But thumb drives aren't the only form of digital storage media giving security executives heartburn.’
    • ‘No more carrying around thumb drives, fussing with formats or forgetting assignments (although for some, the loss of this excuse could be a bad thing).’
    • ‘I never could have thought how useful a pocket knife and thumb drive could be together.’
    • ‘This thing cost me less then my prior 512 MB USB thumb drive, it weighs a lot less, is a lot smaller, and it even plays music.’
    • ‘Everybody claims that the USB thumb drive makes life so much easier, and they're not lying.’
    • ‘Just a few days ago I bought a little gadget that's a combination thumb drive, MP3 player, FM receiver, and voice recorder.’
    • ‘He grabbed a thumb drive out of his belt and plugged it into his computer, extracting the data on the centre screen.’