Definition of thuggee in English:



mass nounhistorical
  • The robbery and murder practised by the Thugs in accordance with their ritual.

    • ‘This paper will examine the phenomenon designated thuggee by colonial authority in nineteenth-century India.’
    • ‘Wagner argues that the history of thuggee need no longer be limited to the study of its representation.’
    • ‘As such, the campaigns against thuggee and suttee frequently cropped up in imperial apologetics.’
    • ‘Leaders of the dreaded thuggee cult were trapped and held captive in tunnels by Major General Sir W.H. Sleeman.’
    • ‘A number of indigenous sources testify to the existence of thuggee as a criminal practice in the seventeenth century if not earlier, and the emergence of thuggee cannot be ascribed the expansion of the British Raj only.’


From Hindi ṭhagī, from ṭhag (see thug).