Definition of thuddingly in English:



  • See thudding

    as submodifier ‘rarely has a life-affirming finale seemed more thuddingly sentimental’
    • ‘What's a loyal citizen to do when his government seems so thuddingly wrong?’
    • ‘Coburn is also off camera for thuddingly lengthy stretches of the picture, while Cobb and the gaggle of actresses run about doing pointless bits of business.’
    • ‘I can see people are talking about me, and I go over to hear what they are saying, and it's a thuddingly dull remark.’
    • ‘Though Bourne's first half-hour is thuddingly dull, it does manage to eventually find legs to stand on once Potente shows up.’
    • ‘Yeah, he's ‘funny,’ but in such a thuddingly obvious way that one wonders if Lyon even understands the films he so enthusiastically rips off.’
    • ‘With a less deft script, this could have been a thuddingly dull motion picture, but Steers finds the right balance between irony and pathos.’