Definition of thrush nightingale in English:

thrush nightingale


  • A songbird that is closely related to the nightingale and which replaces it in eastern Europe, the Baltic, and western Asia.

    Luscinia luscinia, family Turdidae

    Also called sprosser
    • ‘Plenty of late migrants are passing through this week, with numerous marsh warblers, spotted flycatchers etc. being seen in Abu Dhabi, as well as a thrush nightingale.’
    • ‘Magnetic cues and time of season affect fuel deposition in migratory thrush nightingales’
    • ‘We trained a thrush nightingale to fly steadily in the wind tunnel, near a reference point to allow visualisation of its wake vortices.’
    • ‘Thrush nightingales, which migrate more than 12,000 miles annually from Europe and western Asia to southeastern Africa, seem to use the earth's magnetic field as an indicator of when to binge on food before crossing the Sahara.’
    • ‘My first attempt at trying to see a thrush nightingale by the Narew River was marred by my inability to use my binoculars properly.’