Definition of throwster in English:



  • A person who twists silk fibres into thread.

    • ‘Then, the throwster can use replacement hubs 65 of the proper diameter to provide the desired degree of draw to the yarns.’
    • ‘In a survey of the Florentine silk industry in 1663, 78 per cent of adult weavers were women, as were 65 per cent of throwsters.’
    • ‘The throwster, by means of a machine, twisted lightly the silk into a slight kind of thread known as singles, and these singles were combined to form tram.’
    • ‘There's for example Mary Smallshaw, a Welsh silk throwster transported for theft in 1818.’
    • ‘He came to America in 1890 and became a bookkeeper for Klots Brothers, a silk throwster, in New York City.’
    • ‘I got a couple new soy silk colors, some throwsters waste and I ordered some new threads that I wanted to see.’
    • ‘The dress had been processed by six companies - spinner, throwster, weaver, etc. - and was priced to retail for $49.95.’
    • ‘Documents from the Middle Ages reveal the lives of apprentices, such as Katherine Nougle who was a silk throwster or spinner in 1392.’
    • ‘I laid out layers of colour and added various fancy yarns, metallic threads, throwsters silk, silk tops, and even some alpaca fleece given to me by a friend with her own herd of alpacas.’
    • ‘Many Huguenots were expert throwsters and weavers and they made a major contribution to the development of the silk industry in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland.’
    • ‘This volume is of particular interest in that of 44 children, 21 were bound to George Courtauld, silk throwster, of Pebmarsh, later Braintree.’
    • ‘They were silk throwsters at Taunton, also weaving crape by power looms, and sarsnet and velvet by hand looms.’
    • ‘The mills' production is seriously threatened by the strike of the throwster operatives and the dyers in Paterson and other silk centres.’
    • ‘The company was the last silk throwster in Scotland.’