Definition of throw something back in someone's face in English:

throw something back in someone's face


  • Reject something in a brusque or ungracious manner.

    ‘she'd given him her trust and he'd thrown it back in her face’
    • ‘And like with all bullies, I also think the best way to treat such behaviour is to throw it back in their face - so it would be right to wear the incident like a badge of honour.’
    • ‘I put my health and safety on the line so she can go to a party and she throws it back in my face.’
    • ‘He worked hard to provide a service for just the kind of kids who threw it back in his face.’
    • ‘I was extending an olive branch and all you can do is throw it back in my face.’
    • ‘Then, when they see you again (and they always see you again), the words are thrown back in your face.’
    • ‘How could he throw her generosity back in her face?’
    • ‘The vision paper was lost in the cacophony of protests from angry parents who wrapped the closure proposals up with the vision paper and threw the whole lot back in the council 's face.’
    • ‘Honestly, I try to be nice to the boy and he throws it back in my face.’
    • ‘When he gave them 300 roubles, the soldiers threw the notes back in his face and said: ‘You have dollars and only want to give us roubles.’’
    • ‘We gave it every chance, but our goodwill has been thrown back in our face.’