Definition of throw someone to the lions in English:

throw someone to the lions


  • Cause someone to be in an extremely dangerous or unpleasant situation.

    • ‘Everyone there reckoned the BBC were throwing him to the lions, but he waltzed through it and has gone from strength to strength ever since.’
    • ‘I am willing to give it a shot by throwing him to the lions and asking him what he prefers afterwards.’
    • ‘‘The third,’ Reilly said, ‘are like Nero, who would throw us to the lions any chance they got.’’
    • ‘Hey, at least we're not throwing them to the lions.’
    • ‘Maybe Claudio would be better off breaking free from the Roman Empire before he is thrown to the lions.’
    • ‘The king wants you alive so he can throw you to the lions.’
    • ‘If they'll agree not to throw us to the lions we promise not to provide any more fodder for bad movies.’
    • ‘When he misled Downing Street, Campbell the gladiator was instrumental in throwing him to the lions.’
    • ‘Whatever it was, suddenly she had been thrown to the lions.’
    • ‘She believes that David was treated roughly by those who threw him to the lions, with little advice or guidance.’