Definition of throw someone over in English:

throw someone over

phrasal verb

  • Abandon or reject someone as a lover.

    ‘he's going to throw you over for your sister’
    • ‘Early in life, she identified herself through an illicit passion with an aristocrat who threw her over after she became pregnant.’
    • ‘Nope, I threw her over because she's a lot of fun, but she can't hold a candle to the love you give me.’
    • ‘I've heard so many guys whine about how they can't meet women, how women throw them over for other guys.’
    • ‘His first wife threw him over for a teaching assistant on a college campus.’
    • ‘I assumed that he would rise to the challenge of being with me as I believed he could, and of course no-one thinks their hook-up (even their long-distance hook-up) is going to throw them over for a girl from a third-world country.’
    • ‘By the time she gets to 7 months and realises he's not the marrying kind, she throws him over.’
    abandon, leave, desert, discard, turn one's back on, cast aside, cast off
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