Definition of throughfall in English:



mass noun
  • The part of rainfall or other precipitation which falls to the forest floor from the canopy.

    • ‘Mercury deposition to forest sites occurs mainly by means of litterfall, throughfall, and precipitation.’
    • ‘Sources of immobilized nutrients during decomposition include translocation from soil or litter via fungal hyphae, throughfall, and nitrogen fixation.’
    • ‘Stemflow and throughfall transfers therefore play an important role in modifying the spatial distribution and intensity characteristics of rainfall reaching the ground surface.’
    • ‘The dense fabric of predominantly fine roots also plays an important part in exchange and adsorption of nutrients from throughfall water.’
    • ‘Although throughfall is volumetrically greater than stemflow in most forests, stemflow is more enriched chemically.’
    • ‘Our unpublished work with mosses growing on logs in our study area indicates that the heavy metal content is much lower in moss exposed only to throughfall and incident rainfall, as compared to stemflow.’