Definition of through-hole in English:



  • (of an electronic component) having leads which are designed to go through holes to the other side of a circuit board for soldering.

    Often contrasted with surface-mount
    • ‘In integrating spiral inductors, a number of issues emerged including cad layout, copper etchback, through-hole plating and interconnect lines.’
    • ‘This product requires fewer board assembly process steps compared with the equivalent through-hole product.’
    • ‘Then, etchant is supplied via the through-hole to make a space in the base layer under the resonator assembly.’
    • ‘The board uses through-hole construction rather than surface-mount, and is housed in a stainless-steel chassis, providing maximum shielding from external nasties.’
    • ‘State-of-the-art vibrating gyroscopes are packaged in small through-hole technology and surface-mount technology housings and typically can be installed easily on printed circuit boards.’
    • ‘Available in surface-mount or through-hole versions, compact slide switches feature double-pole capabilities in a single-pole body.’