Definition of thrombectomy in English:



mass noun
  • Surgical removal of a thrombus from a blood vessel.

    • ‘As a research fellow in the 1930s, John Gibbon witnessed the death of a young woman after an attempt at emergency surgical thrombectomy, and his development of the heart-lung bypass pump oxygenator was a response to that experience.’
    • ‘Surgical thrombectomy is usually only considered when other options fail.’
    • ‘Before 1953, procedures such as stellate ganglion block, cervical sympathectomy, thrombectomy of occluded carotid arteries, and carotid bifurcation ligation, were used.’
    • ‘In these cases patients should have saphenous vein bypass and ligation of the popliteal aneurysm with clearance of the crural vessels by balloon thrombectomy or thrombolysis.’
    • ‘Thrombolysis is often the best treatment as simple embolectomy or thrombectomy usually leads to early rethrombosis and surgical bypass is often precluded by obliteration of the distal run-off.’
    • ‘The options for treatment of massive PE, in addition to the standard treatment of anticoagulation with heparin, include the following: thrombolytic therapy, open surgical embolectomy, and catheter thrombectomy.’
    • ‘Some centers have approached symptomatic pulmonary venous occlusion with emergent surgical thrombectomy, which is associated with a high perioperative mortality.’
    • ‘These results suggest that more invasive treatments such as catheter-directed thrombolysis, angioplasty, or thrombectomy are unwarranted except in selected cases.’
    • ‘In a patient with massive PE in whom thrombolysis is medically indicated and who, after informed consent, refuses thrombolysis and potential transfusion, catheter thrombectomy may be an attractive alternative.’
    • ‘Results of one of the first studies of its kind now suggest that use of an experimental pretreatment technique, thrombectomy, can reduce this risk by removing the clot from the body.’