Definition of throat microphone in English:

throat microphone


  • A microphone attached to a speaker's throat and actuated by the larynx.

    • ‘Clipping on a throat mike, I made my way upstream, recording my thoughts and telling the listeners all about the fishing on this delightful stretch of the river Ribble in the Ribble Valley in the delightful countryside of Lancashire.’
    • ‘If you work on a flight line, at a range, in a workshop or have noisy kids, a throat microphone would save you repeating everything you say and shouting whenever you're on the phone.’
    • ‘Meade wrapped a comms earpiece around the back of his ear and strapped the throat mike around his neck.’
    • ‘In perhaps just five years time, I'm hoping that as a well-equipped techno-traveller, I will be able to carry a black box rather than walkman and speak into it with a throat microphone.’
    • ‘Shahar attached his throat mike to his radio and squeezed the sides.’
    • ‘I have the goods but I need a few minutes to take care of a situation here, ‘Bal said, his throat mike picking up his words.’’
    • ‘‘I'm badly wounded,’ he muttered into the throat mike.’
    • ‘Dorjan's throat mike picked up his words; in actual fact it just picked up the vibrations of his vocal chords, and transmitted them across the airwaves.’
    • ‘The PRC-349 section radio was reliable and with its throat microphone allowed section commanders to communicate easily, while handling a weapon, note book or map - it was an almost ‘hands off’ radio.’