Definition of thresher in English:



  • 1A person or machine that separates grain from corn or other crops by beating.

    • ‘Agriculture thrives on the other side of those hills; grain threshers reaping wheat, trucks full of tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons.’
    • ‘She went into the fields and talked with the threshers.’
    • ‘At Weydon fair, this corn thresher got drunk and spoke in an ill-tempered way of his wife.’
    • ‘Occasionally I'll mention that, for example, my arm was torn off last week by a wheat thresher.’
    • ‘The threshers dispersed throughout the yard, some to wash at the trough, some to rest in the shade beneath the poplars, some to the kitchen to nag old Luculla to hurry with the midday meal.’
    • ‘But this farmer is a kindly old man that loves his wayward piglet since his wife died in a thresher accident.’
    • ‘Nick was sent sailing into the grain thresher, smashing against the sides of the tower as Seven quickly darted at him.’
    • ‘The emperor inspected the livestock and machinery, and was treated to a display of how the thresher worked.’
    • ‘Dave Carroll and the vintage people were located in Teach Laighne car park with threshers, tractors and old time cars for all to view.’
    • ‘Drilling rigs replaced grain threshers and steam tractors at a frenzied pace.’
    • ‘At that time the thresher had its own small engine and was not pulled by a tractor.’
    • ‘Soon after Dun arrived in Japan, the Meiji emperor even had visited one of the Tokyo experimental farms, witnessing the industrial magic of a mechanical thresher.’
    • ‘Not long after having the baby in August, Tess becomes a thresher.’
    • ‘Some of the income that accrues is used to buy tractors, threshers, and irrigation and distillation equipment, which is then offered on hire.’
    • ‘In the distance she sees the threshers, hurrying to cut the wheat.’
    • ‘He was a brother of Mick Byrne, the well-known thresher man who drove his thresher into many farmsteads in West Wicklow.’
    • ‘Magnus described respiratory symptoms among threshers of grain in 1555.’
    • ‘Some farmers use nets to catch rats, which start scurrying when they hear the roar of tractors and threshers.’
    • ‘I don't know what the health and safety people today would have said when we were working on the threshers.’
    • ‘It was taken to Sheffield in the 1930s and saw out its working days there by steaming out to farms and powering thresher machines right up to 1964.’
  • 2A surface-living shark with a long upper lobe to the tail. Threshers often hunt in pairs, lashing the water with their tails to herd fish into a tightly packed shoal.

    Alopias vulpinus, family Alopidae

    • ‘Make no mistake - makos, hammerheads, threshers, tigers, whites, whalers and six-gilled sharks all go over 1000 lb, and some of them with ease.’
    • ‘‘In September a thresher shark was spotted near Turbot Bank, off Freshwater West,’ said Mark Burton, assistant marine conservation officer at Skomer Marine Nature Reserve.’
    • ‘In 1998, Scott Cherry landed a 9 foot, 140 lb thresher shark from his board after a 45 minute fight that at times dragged him and his rig through the water at an estimated 10 knots.’
    • ‘Populations of thresher sharks are down by 80 per cent and great whites by 79%.’
    • ‘There is not much water movement here and it makes a good second dive, or so I thought until I saw the unmistakable shape of a thresher shark pass below me.’
    • ‘Dr Ken Collins of Southampton Oceanography Centre added: ‘I know of a Isle of Wight fisherman who managed to catch a 340 lb big eye thresher shark.’’
    • ‘Fisherman Tony Talbot got the shock of his life when a pulled up a 4ft thresher shark on to his boat as he was trying to catch bass.’
    • ‘At 28m to the west of the channel mouth is an interesting pinnacle which acts as a magnet for schooling fish and their predators, including the infamous ‘grim reaper’ - the thresher shark.’
    • ‘Once grouped, thresher sharks are thought to use their mighty tails to shock the fish until they are confused, at which point they're eaten.’
    • ‘One enduring memory of this wreck was that of a 4m thresher shark lazily cruising the 10m contour above us as we ascended.’
    • ‘Big fish enjoy the current - mantas, tuna, sharks (oceanic white tips, threshers, tigers and silvertips) all pay regular visits.’
    • ‘A the moment the bonito and common thresher breeds of shark are relatively plentiful.’
    • ‘When the fishermen had had enough for the day, after around six hours, they had landed three different species of sharks - five hammerhead, ten threshers and 15 black-tipped reef sharks.’
    • ‘Peering through my viewfinder, I could scarcely believe what I was seeing, because the pelagic thresher shark is extremely rare.’
    • ‘The industry was built up on thresher shark, and soon other species were added.’