Definition of threepence in English:



  • The sum of three pence, especially before decimalization (1971).

    • ‘Flowers were also very scarce, narcissus and chrysanthemums being the chief varieties at twopence and threepence per bunch.’
    • ‘Subscriptions were moderate: the usual charge was between half a guinea and a guinea a year, and there were often facilities for borrowing books at the rate of a penny a volume or threepence for the usual three-volume novel.’
    • ‘Diving exhibitions were popular; people paid threepence to watch them.’
    • ‘He had to give threepence for a copy of that paper.’
    • ‘For the privilege of a few turns on his invention, Bob charged everyone outside the family threepence, but the volunteer got to have a free ride by lifting his legs as the speed increased and they whirled dizzily round and round.’