Definition of three-piece in English:



  • 1attributive Consisting of three separate and complementary items.

    ‘an antique three-piece set of Edwardian brass fire irons’
    • ‘And, I'm sort of saving up for a three-piece set of a ruby necklace, earrings, and ring.’
    • ‘She must have been quite well known in her own time, for this is described as ‘an expensive portrait clay produced from a three-piece mould and finished in baked varnish’.’
    • ‘The ladder-type frame has a three-piece design that consists of a hydroformed front section, a stamped steel box section midframe, and a hydroformed short-rear frame.’
    • ‘I found myself clucking with approval as I inhaled my $5.95 three-piece meal, which came with two sides.’
    • ‘The modern bathroom is fitted with a white three-piece suite including a corner bath.’
    • ‘At the closing performance of India's only contemporary dance festival, she challenged traditional bastions with her three-piece presentation.’
    • ‘The main bathroom is also fully tiled with a three-piece white suite including a pressurised shower and a period cast iron bath with claw feet.’
    • ‘This is a three-piece affair with a circular base, a 27-inch tall center pole, and a removable top that is 9-inches square.’
    • ‘The pin complements a three-piece pin set, which will be available with the purchase of any sculpture at participating dealers.’
    • ‘They preferred playing big gigs rather than local pubs so there was space for the four vocalists, core band and three-piece brass section.’
    1. 1.1 (of a set of furniture) consisting of a sofa and two armchairs.
      ‘a three-piece suite’
      • ‘Most household contents policies cover items that can be moved such as household goods, furniture and personal belongings, but they won't pay out for undamaged bits of a set such as part of a three-piece suite.’
      • ‘More than 500 householders could be waiting in vain for fridges and three-piece suites to be collected from their homes, unaware that their bookings have been wiped from council records.’
      • ‘Morris chairs, which sat in the living area for years, were replaced with a more contemporary upholstered cream-coloured three-piece set to match the walls.’
      • ‘It has recently been repainted and is comfortable and relatively spacious, with an apparently brand new three-piece suite.’
      • ‘It is a large, traditional room with feature fireplace, heavy furniture and a three-piece suite draped in throws.’
      • ‘June complained to her insurer when dye from her husband's trousers ruined an armchair of her new three-piece suite.’
      • ‘I sit on a sofa that is part of an old three-piece suite around a nest of tables.’
      • ‘A white marble open fireplace provides an impressive focal point and there is plenty of room for a three-piece suite and coffee table.’
      • ‘There is space for a three-piece suite and work desk, so the room could be used as a family room or study.’
      • ‘If customers aren't going on holiday this year, they might just manage a three-piece suite instead.’
      • ‘Ross's father once gave her mother money to go and buy a three-piece suite.’
      • ‘I bought a leather three-piece suite, with a footrest in each of the armchairs, which I ordered from Paris.’
      • ‘The living room was home to a velour three-piece suite and we used the open fire a lot until we discovered the chimney had been blocked all along.’
      • ‘Residents also use the property's garden as a dumping ground for rubbish and council officers had to visit regularly to clear up dumped furniture including a fridge and a three-piece suite.’
      • ‘Even three-piece suites had been hurled out of the windows.’
      • ‘I suddenly notice that there are two old children's chairs next to our three-piece suite.’
      • ‘Simply browse one of the many catalogues over your mochaccino, select the three-piece suite of your choice and they'll process the order for you, with delivery to your door or to the store.’
      • ‘There is plenty of space for a family-sized table and three-piece suite.’
      • ‘The ‘best’ front room - complete with piano, three-piece suite, china cabinet and chest of drawers - was off-limits except at Christmas and during visits.’
      • ‘A three-piece suite is apparently the last thing on shoppers' minds at the moment.’
    2. 1.2 (of a set of clothes) consisting of trousers or a skirt with a waistcoat and jacket.
      • ‘She was dressed in three-piece business suit with the skirt ending mid-thigh.’
      • ‘Dad always likes to dress up for any occasion, so he travelled, in the height of summer, in a three-piece tweed suit, large overcoat and brogues.’
      • ‘Unassuming in his dark three-piece suit and matching bow tie, his short black hair neatly combed back, Friedman was developing a reputation as a tenacious advocate with a flair for courtroom drama.’
      • ‘He had on another three-piece summer suit, powder blue this time.’
      • ‘One wore a three-piece blue business suit and resembled a graying used car salesman.’
      • ‘On Day 1 he looked angelic in his white three-piece suit with a rope of jeweled baubles at the waist and a gold armband.’
      • ‘He favoured three-piece suits and sharp hats yet he made a name making rugged shirts for bushmen.’
      • ‘Dressed in a three-piece suit, he is wearing a white shirt and his tie is held in place by a tie-clip.’
      • ‘The only tell-tale sign of the politician was the kurta and achkan but it was easy to envision him in a three-piece suit.’
      • ‘Some men, however, prefer to wear the traditional, cotton three-piece outfit.’
      • ‘But then, many in those days wore three-piece suits and the vest effectively hid the bottom of the tie.’
      • ‘He's wearing a three-piece suit from a major London vendor and a black fedora.’
      • ‘His dark-gray, three-piece, pinstripe suit bore the label of a small shop in Ypres that wouldn't even talk to a prospective client for less than eight thousand francs.’
      • ‘Some came dressed in three-piece suits, some in tribal robes.’
      • ‘I hung out the upstairs window all agog as women wearing straw hats, flowery dresses and white gloves, accompanied by men sporting soft hats and three-piece suits with gold watches peeking out the waistcoat pockets arrived at our house.’
      • ‘He looks a lot better in the three-piece suit than the bright red leather jacket.’
      • ‘As he told me this, Barrie sat across the table, dressed in dark colours, wearing a black three-piece suit, minus the jacket.’
      • ‘The doors to the car behind mine opened smoothly, a man in a navy blue three-piece suit and deep red tie walked in, and the train was off just as quickly as it had stopped.’
      • ‘Businessmen wear three-piece pin-striped suits with vests and neckties, even in the extremely hot, muggy weather of the island.’
      • ‘In an era without refrigeration, air-conditioning or effective sanitation, and with polite dress being thick, three-piece suits and long skirts, the effects were traumatic.’


  • 1A set of three separate and complementary items.

    1. 1.1 A group consisting of three musicians.
      ‘an entertaining and accomplished three-piece’
      • ‘A victim of their country sounding name, this straight up punk three-piece still gave it their all with a high energy set.’
      • ‘Two gentlemen, who were smartly dressed in suits and ties, would not stop talking loudly and offensively during a captivating musical performance by the three-piece.’
      • ‘The three-piece hail from rural Dorset and get their name from the village of Yetminster, five miles from the town of Sherborne where they live.’
      • ‘‘All the best bands were three-pieces,’ he stresses.’
      • ‘The British three-piece mix classically styled riffage with hyperfuzz distortion, and catchy melodies that lurk in your subconscious.’
      • ‘The Californian three-piece have sold more than 25 million albums.’
      • ‘We continued as a three-piece for another year until he decided he too needed to get away from it all.’
      • ‘Fresh-faced all male three-piece, singing in German, with a fashion sense cribbed from N-Sync and dance moves from Boy Band 101.’
      • ‘I always expect three-pieces to be sloppy on the rhythm section side of things, for some reason.’
      • ‘They're a are a young Chicago three-piece that fuse punk and emo in a way that's not shameless, but refreshing.’
      • ‘Penning catchy and creepily comic songs about death, dying and all stages in between, this Chicago three-piece's music matches the colour of their hearts - black.’
      • ‘We're taking the songs back now that we're playing the record live as a three-piece.’
      • ‘Most impressive about this three-piece is how they each rotated instruments so seamlessly on stage.’
      • ‘When they first released their debut album in 1997 many didn't rate their chances of success, describing the three-piece as a run-of-the-mill indie band.’
      • ‘The ease at which this young Texas three-piece pull off such genre-jumping traditions suggest a band steeped in a diverse array of influences.’
      • ‘They started as a three-piece playing pop-punk cover versions alongside similar-sounding original material.’
      • ‘What makes their debut effort all the more outstanding, however, is the lack of guitars - for this Sussex-based three-piece prides itself on the lack of such an instrument.’
      • ‘Two of the three demos included here are culled from 90-minute tapes that the band recorded as a three-piece in 1987.’
      • ‘It's impossible to tell whether this really is peak form for the Bury three-piece, or just part of their growth.’
      • ‘By this point they were a three-piece with a low profile.’