Definition of thread vein in English:

thread vein


  • A very slender vein, especially one on the face that is visible through the skin.

    • ‘Telangiectasia are also referred to as spider veins, star bursts, thread veins, or matted veins.’
    • ‘The real key to having good legs is to have healthy legs - legs that are free of varicose veins, thread veins and cellulite.’
    • ‘It is used to reduce wrinkles and scarring and to remove birthmarks, lesions, hair and thread veins.’
    • ‘Small patches of brown skin discolouration or areas of thread veins form where the veins were removed.’
    • ‘I can remember having a small thread vein that looked a bit like a blue map under the skin.’
    • ‘Typically in winter, you might go for a walk, come indoors to an enormous fire and have an alcoholic drink - a lethal combination for skin, drying it out and causing thread veins on the cheeks.’
    • ‘If drunk to excess, alcohol can coarsen your skin and give you thread veins, open pores and ‘oyster eyes’.’
    • ‘We use lasers to treat blemishes, thread veins, remove tattoos, and carry out skin resurfacing to remove lines.’
    • ‘The visibility of thread veins on the face, thighs, ankles and feet clearly compels patients to seek an effective treatment.’
    • ‘Intriguing as Botox injections for the armpits or laser treatment for thread veins may sound, the majority of women wouldn't consider such drastic measures.’
    • ‘He had a fair complexion with thread veins in his cheeks.’
    • ‘I've had my thread veins treated with a new technique called photoderm which uses light to burn out the broken capillaries, and I've had fillers injected into lines as well as glycolic acid peels on my face.’


thread vein