Definition of thrash something out in English:

thrash something out

phrasal verb

  • Discuss something frankly and thoroughly, especially to reach a decision.

    ‘it is essential that conflicting views are heard and thrashed out’
    • ‘I want to get all the staff members involved in my case to come together to thrash it out.’
    • ‘But I'm never going to thrash it out with them because they think my taste in music appalling so I never talk to them.’
    • ‘And, in the weeks and months that followed, the pros and cons were thrashed out and re-examined and discussed and analysed until there was nothing left to say.’
    • ‘It is a complex process but it also ensures everyone has their say and matters are thrashed out in detail.’
    • ‘We needed to thrash those issues out.’
    • ‘Guys are willing to thrash things out with each other when there are conflicts.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the minister said these issues would be thrashed out in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘Two separate oral hearings are to be scheduled for approximately 6 weeks time when the grievances of all parties will be thrashed out before adjudicating panels.’
    • ‘What I'm getting at is that you seem have a bone to pick with me of late, and we should thrash it out before it becomes a problem.’
    • ‘He and Murdoch are due to meet next week to thrash things out.’
    resolve, settle, sort out, straighten out, iron out, reconcile, disentangle, clarify, clear up, talk through, confer about, debate, exchange views about, exchange views on, chew over, air, ventilate, argue out, argue the pros and cons of
    produce, come to a decision on, work out, form a resolution about, negotiate, agree on, bring about, complete, accomplish, carry through, effect
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