Definition of thrang in English:



Northern English, Scottish
  • 1Extremely crowded or full.

    ‘it was thrang with a cool student crowd’
    • ‘The letters pages of newspapers are thrang with diatribes on both sides.’
    • ‘Our glens were thrang with the laughter of children and the lowing of cattle.’
    • ‘The diary describes the area as thrang with Scots mercenaries.’
    1. 1.1 Very busy.
      ‘she had another grumble at how thrang she was’
      • ‘We're terribly driven, since trade grew so thrang.’
      • ‘He's that thrang somewhere abroad he hasn't time.’
      • ‘He is always very thrang, as there's always something to be seen to.’


Late Middle English thrang, gethrang ‘crowd, tumult’, related to throng.