Definition of thoughtlessness in English:



  • See thoughtless

    • ‘Wonderful work is being done by your committee and it seems a pity that this can be undone to a certain extent by the carelessness and thoughtlessness of others as far as litter is concerned.’
    • ‘Anonymity allows, if not encourages, thoughtlessness.’
    • ‘All that selfishness and thoughtlessness and looking out for numero uno, all those people you have hurt and things you have said and evil thoughts you have harboured - it all has to be accounted for.’
    • ‘I do not condone reckless riding, thoughtlessness and bad manners but the many cyclists who do behave responsibly should not be classed with the small number who don't.’
    • ‘More insidious, though, are the thousands of daily examples of anti-social behaviour and thoughtlessness perpetrated by people well into adulthood.’