Definition of thorny-headed worm in English:

thorny-headed worm


  • A parasitic worm with a thornlike proboscis for attachment to the gut of vertebrates.

    Phylum Acanthocephala

    Also called spiny-headed worm
    • ‘They captured mole crabs to record their size, reproductive status and infestation by thorny-headed worms, for which these crabs are intermediate hosts.’
    • ‘The enteric parasite infesting the duck was identified as Polymorphus minutus, which is also known as a thorny-headed worm.’
    • ‘Acanthocephalans are a type of metazoan parasite, also known as thorny-headed worms.’
    • ‘Among the horrible denizens of the rainforest are the chalcid wasp, which plants an egg in its victim; the thorny-headed worm, which reprograms its host; the sundew and new world pitcher plant, carnivorous plants; the segmented spider, which lurks in a hidden lair.’
    • ‘Cockroaches infested with another species of thorny-headed worm are also attracted to light.’