Definition of thorned in English:



  • See thorn

    • ‘Huddled behind thorned bushes and high grass, the families watched as their huts - including one for grain storage - were burned.’
    • ‘We drove past brown, sandy hills crowned by patches of cacti with round, thorned leaves.’
    • ‘The violets, the marigold, the cannas; they were all gone in favor of the thorned monstrosities.’
    • ‘There are more than 1,500 kinds of plants in these forests, including 19 kinds of rare plants such as the thorned cyathea spinulosa, the Chinese double-fan fern, the Chinese goose-palm catalpa and the yinque tree.’
    • ‘She has applied for cash from the committee to buy hawthorn and other thorned bushes, which would be planted around the cemetery's borders.’