Definition of thornbill in English:



  • 1A small Australian warbler with drab plumage and a pointed bill.

    Genus Acanthiza, family Acanthizidae: several species

    • ‘The next morning, before going to the airport, we drove to Wungong Gorge near Armadale and saw long-billed black cockatoos, western thornbills and western rosellas.’
    • ‘We found high rates of acceptance of nonmimetic eggs in thornbills and fairy-wrens.’
    • ‘It's just a noise that might attract some birds, particularly things like wrens and thornbills, and saffron whitefaces which we've just seen.’
    • ‘Their hosts include weaverbirds and sunbirds in Africa and Asia, as well as fairy wrens and thornbills in Australia.’
    • ‘This little yellow-rumped thornbill is disappearing out of the landscape.’
  • 2A tropical American hummingbird with a short, sharply pointed bill.

    Family Trochilidae: three genera, in particular Chalcostigma, and several species