Definition of thorn apple in English:

thorn apple


  • 1A poisonous datura with large trumpet-shaped white flowers and toothed leaves, which has become a weed of waste ground in many countries.

    Also called jimson weed in North America
    • ‘Important are the accounts of opium, aconite, hemlock, and the thorn apple, showing careful study of widely known poisons.’
    • ‘Recipes of love stimulants frequently contained such plants, especially henbane, mandrake, and in later times thorn apple.’
    1. 1.1 The prickly fruit of the thorn apple, which resembles that of a horse chestnut.
      • ‘‘As well as being a hallucinogenic,’ says Phillips, ‘the thorn apple has a fiery, hot taste and causes sweating and burning sensations throughout the body’.’