Definition of thon in English:



Northern English, Northern Irish, Scottish
  • That or those.

    ‘I can't take thon licenses’
    • ‘You know thon voice of hers as well.’
    • ‘She's his double with thon thick wiry black hair.’
    • ‘You're as well rid of thon one.’
    • ‘I know he was cursing, for you couldn't speak nice in thon tone of voice.’
    • ‘"What's thon island I can see from here?" the sergeant asked.’
    • ‘Dougie's always been a bit wary of sailin' in the dark since thon time he ran aground.’


Northern English, Northern Irish, Scottish
  • That person or thing.

    ‘look at the state of thon’
    • ‘Would you look at the state of thon?’
    • ‘"Thon is one buck eejit," one of the men muttered.’
    • ‘John would have been glad of thon.’
    • ‘I said, "Thon's braw thinkin'!"’
    • ‘I thought about thon the other day.’


Early 19th century: alteration of yon.