Definition of thixotropic in English:



  • See thixotropy

    • ‘Thixotropy is a property displayed by many systems, particularly those with complex molecules with long chains, familiar objects being tomato ketchup and thixotropic paint.’
    • ‘This history-dependent behavior, first described for relaxed muscles by Denny-Brown in 1929, is attributed to a thixotropic effect.’
    • ‘Another advantage of the theory is that it provides a possible explanation for an important quantitative difference between the thixotropic properties of relaxed and contracting fibers, the rate of stiffness recovery.’
    • ‘Its use in stabilizer systems is advantageous because it exhibits thixotropic rheological properties, requiring little change in processing conditions while providing stability to the finished product.’
    • ‘These systems are called thixotropic and are characterized by a difference in viscosity, depending on the speed at which the shear force is applied.’