Definition of thither in English:



archaic, literary
  • To or towards that place.

    ‘no trickery had been necessary to attract him thither’
    • ‘Other colonists went thither of their own will in 1654 and 1662.’
    • ‘Many Acadians fled thither after the dispersion of Grand Pré and the fall of Louisbourg.’
    • ‘I was as ripe for university as some that have been sent thither.’
    • ‘On hearing a rumour that Isabella is with Theodore in the churchyard, Manfred rushes thither, and stabs the woman - only to find it is his daughter, Matilda.’
    • ‘Enterprising men are hastening thither, and capital is flowing into the State from all parts of the country.’


Old English thider, alteration (by association with hither) of thæder, of Germanic origin; related to that and the.