Definition of this is the life in English:

this is the life


  • An expression of contentment with one's present circumstances.

    ‘Ice cubes clinked in crystal glasses. ‘This is the life,’ she said’
    • ‘By ‘personal values,’ I mean what gets you excited; what makes your heart sing; what makes you feel like, ‘yes, this is the life!’’
    • ‘‘Yes, this is the life for me,’ he said out loud, to himself.’
    • ‘After I directed, when I went back to being an actor, I was like, ‘God, this is the life!’’
    • ‘‘Max, this is the life,’ I said as I looked around the living room.’
    • ‘‘Man, this is the life,’ he continues, lighting up a huge brown cigar.’
    • ‘I'm not sure many of the holidaymakers here were too happy when 20-odd footballers all barged into the hotel reception but, you have to say, this is the life!’
    • ‘‘Ahhh, this is the life,’ Long purred, stretching out his arms.’
    • ‘Bronzed bodies and muscles, ah yes this is the life and I am enjoying every minute of it.’
    • ‘‘Now, this is the life,’ Marta said a few minutes later as they stood near the ocean's edge, drinking smoothies.’
    • ‘‘Now this is the life,’ she mumbled contented with the flowing music.’