Definition of this is it in English:

this is it


  • 1The expected event is about to happen.

    ‘this is it—the big sale’
    • ‘In all its glittering glory - this is it, the absolute best of everything Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer: the 2004 Best of the Twin Cities Showcase Showdown!’
    • ‘But on the other side I feel resentful, I've put in nearly 25 years for him and this is it, life begins at 40.’
    • ‘So this is it; after over 20 years of traveling the globe and chanting from the hilltops, the Boys have come back to where it all began.’
    • ‘My mom would be thrilled if I came and told her well, this is it, I decided I would like to marry.’
    • ‘An instant text-book case of looking into a stranger's eyes and knowing this is it, the true once-in-a-lifetime, head-over-heels L.O.V.E.?’
    • ‘I was dancing on the moon when my first book came out and then Hollywood called and I was like, this is it.’
    • ‘So I went back to theatre, and thought’ - she gives a sheepish grin-grimace - ‘yeah, this is it.’’
    • ‘I tell Natalie that this is it, there's no stopping it now.’
  • 2This is enough or the end.

    ‘this is it, I'm going’
    • ‘At one point I thought this is it, I am going to die.’
    • ‘God help me if this is it, because we're in for some bad television.’
    • ‘Fear is about realising one fine day that there is no ‘life is elsewhere’, this is it, raw, painful and imperfect, without any of the finery.’
    • ‘Do whatever you feel you want to be remembered by, because this is it.’
    • ‘Whenever I see his latest at the video store, it's an immediate reaction: oh, well, this is it for tonight, end of discussion.’
    • ‘The real crisis facing Matt and Nick Hornby and all the other men whose wives go off to book club leaving them to feed the children and load the dishwasher is the realisation that this is it.’
  • 3This is the main point or difficulty.

    • ‘If poetic injustice means anything, this is it.’