Definition of third sector in English:

third sector


  • The part of an economy or society comprising non-governmental and non-profit-making organizations or associations, including charities, voluntary and community groups, cooperatives, etc.

    • ‘The group will identify actions the government and third sector can do jointly to tackle climate change, environmental problems and sustainable development more broadly.’
    • ‘Improving spiritual health was the job of the " third sector ", encompassing families, small groups and religious groups.’
    • ‘It is designed for use by all directors, governors, trustees, officers and their equivalents in the private, public and third sectors, and applies to organisations of all sizes.’
    • ‘Warners interest in local and national government is complemented by an interest in the third sector where the answers to some of our most insoluble social problems may lie.’
    • ‘This is highly ironic from a Government that talks so much about understanding and supporting the third sector.’
    • ‘Street cleaning, and some environmental functions, could be devolved to communities, parishes, the third sector and new neighbourhood enterprises, where appropriate.’
    • ‘This is a view that needs to change before the third sector can prosper in Taiwan, she said.’
    • ‘He has written reports on third sector and recycling issues, and for various housing journals.’
    • ‘In Quebec, the third sector has assumed some of the delivery, but the funding question remains.’
    • ‘The Treasury said: " A vibrant and thriving third sector is a key component of a fair, cohesive and enterprising society.’
    • ‘The message to you is clear; that this government takes seriously the opportunities presented by the third sector and social enterprise.’
    • ‘A third sector we like is defensive, non-cyclical issuers.’
    • ‘Refashioning local services to match the health needs of the local population requires innovation and leadership from the public, private and of ever growing importance, the third sector.’
    • ‘The Alliance has a specific remit to build the capacity of the third sector to engage effectively in the design and delivery of health and social care services in Herefordshire.’
    • ‘Following the "duty to cooperate" realise how to actively involve other public bodies, but also third sector, private sector and members and organisations in the community’
    • ‘Commissioners are responsible for reviewing the contracts, with representatives from the third sector.’
    • ‘Ministers are right that reform must be pragmatic rather than ideological - and that goes just as much for the public as it does for the private and third sectors.’
    • ‘NGOs are the third sector, which I think is the most idealistic among the four sectors, and is a positive force in society.’
    • ‘The programme is due to commence delivery later this year and aims to improve the involvement of the third sector in the delivery of public services.’
    • ‘The Government guidance needs to change I can't believe it really wanted to hit the third sector in this way.’