Definition of third position in English:

third position


  • 1Ballet
    A posture in which the turned-out feet are placed one in front of the other, so that the heel of the front foot fits into the hollow of the instep of the back foot.

    1. 1.1 A position of the arms in which one is held curved in front of the body and the other curved to the side, both at waist level.
  • 2Music
    A position of the left hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument nearer to the bridge than the second position, enabling a higher set of notes to be played.

    • ‘The work does not go beyond third position, and there are no complex rhythms or bowing patterns.’
    • ‘So they shoved the beginners, the ones who had trouble with first position, let alone third position, onto the viola, where they were never heard again.’
    • ‘These five duos are in a contemporary/ragtime style, with viola to third position and cello in bass clef.’