Definition of third eye in English:

third eye


  • 1Buddhism Hinduism
    The ‘eye of insight’ in the forehead of an image of a deity, especially the god Shiva.

    • ‘The gods went to Shiva, whose anger came out of his third eye in the form of energy to create a woman.’
    • ‘Chakrasamvara has also a third eye in the sculpture, like Shiva.’
    • ‘Then followed the story related to Holi, where Lord Shiva, annoyed by Manmatha for disturbing his meditation, burns the latter to ashes with his third eye.’
    • ‘Kali's attributes include a third eye and smiling face surmounted by a towering headdress bristling with horns, pink lotus blossoms at her ears.’
    • ‘Such was the anger that Lord Shiva is supposed to have used his energy from the third eye to form a woman.’
    1. 1.1 The faculty of intuitive insight or prescience.
      • ‘Her third eye represents the creative vision of the artist, a kind of inner perception mingled with spirituality.’
      • ‘The third eye opens and you can see ahead into your own future.’
      • ‘And when the camera has become your third eye, an intuitive extension of your brain, go to the library and study the work of the great masters.’
      • ‘I suppose in some societies they call it the third eye, but in our society we call it the gift of matakite, which means the ability to foresee.’
      • ‘While shooting in colour might seem easier than working in monochrome, photographers have to really use their third eye to ensure that they stand out in a world crammed with multi-hued photographs.’
      • ‘It represents the third eye of spiritual sight, which sees things the physical eyes cannot see.’
      • ‘The third eye is commonly known for being the center of psychic activity in the brain.’
      • ‘He explained and projected with his mind force the intricate use, development and unfoldment of the faculties of the third eye.’
      • ‘The third eye is understood as a spiritual eye which perceives spiritual realities, a seat of intuition.’
      • ‘She simply wanted us to live through our third eyes, to see life as possibility.’
      • ‘Do you know any good sites and/or books about the third eye and clairvoyance?’
      • ‘After the film wrapped, young Tamara was sent to a monastery to ‘develop her third eye.’’
      • ‘I remain convinced that mothers come equipped with a powerful faculty that often keeps kids in check - perhaps a dependable third eye or eerie sixth sense!’
      • ‘Is it true you can see auras when the third eye is opened?’
      • ‘He began giving to me a most wonderful and profound training concerning the use of the third eye.’
      • ‘But the trouble with meditation and yoga and your third eye is that it takes so long.’
      far-sightedness, foresight, foreknowledge
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  • 2informal

    another term for pineal eye
    • ‘It has a spiny back and a third eye on top of its head.’
    • ‘Again with a supply of Vitamin A, most of the amphibians developed third eyes within 15 days.’