Definition of third cousin in English:

third cousin


  • A child of one's parent's second cousin.

    • ‘He says that he may be a third cousin of Joe's, once removed, or so.’
    • ‘‘My nieces and nephews in Canada are your third cousins,’ I said when I was introduced to her children.’’
    • ‘They were all his father's cousins and uncles, or third cousin three times removed, which Jack couldn't figure out how that made them related.’
    • ‘He knew his third cousin too well; this was not his writing style or format.’
    • ‘The family network extends to second and third cousins.’
    • ‘It has also been awkward for my wife and daughter, particularly, who was best friends and who is a third cousin to the Complainant.’
    • ‘Another big issue is getting a clean title to the property, with no liens or prospects that a third cousin of the owner will show up to claim it.’
    • ‘Rivalry at court may also explain opposition to his marriage to Ælfgifu, his third cousin once removed, and their separation in 958 on the grounds of consanguinity.’
    • ‘She was often busy being the Queen's third cousin and closest friend.’
    • ‘He also realizes how many outside forces, from family to friends to coaches to guidance counselors to third cousins, can influence a recruit's decision.’
    • ‘Often second or third cousins become ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters.’’
    • ‘I think she was some sort of cousin, a second or third cousin, maybe.’
    • ‘Actually they comprised four families of second and third cousins.’
    • ‘Your third cousin twice removed calls you in a panic that his computer is on the fritz.’
    • ‘If we were second cousins, were the kids third cousins, once or twice removed?’
    • ‘My family, yes, except for maybe that strange third cousin of mine serving his fifth time in jail for drug possession.’
    • ‘Just when things seem their darkest, in he steps, claiming to be either ‘a fourth cousin three times removed or a third cousin four times removed.’’
    • ‘The plant was established in 1999, the year the group expanded by establishing its first British pub in London, managed by a third cousin.’
    • ‘I am the third cousin twice removed from the family of his mother.’
    • ‘Anyway, they only got the titles because my father's third cousin is thirteenth in line for the throne, or something unremarkable like that.’