Definition of third-generation in English:



  • 1Of a more advanced stage of technology than a second-generation model or system.

    • ‘A mere thousand or so customers per year would fund the development of second- and third-generation vehicles that would eventually reach orbit.’
    • ‘Several new models have been designed on joint platforms, including Fiat's all-important third-generation Punto compact, which will be launched in September.’
    • ‘As yet, this third-generation technology has no name.’
    • ‘The third-generation system completed a series of sea tests at high speeds.’
    • ‘Even before the first product was launched, second- and third-generation products were already being developed to try and stay ahead of the competition.’
    • ‘It took him four years to assemble his current, third-generation prototype of a carbon nanotube transistor.’
    • ‘This is not to deny that some second- and third-generation drugs are genuine improvements.’
    • ‘By the time the U.S. hybrids arrive, they may get shown up by Japan's third-generation vehicles.’
    • ‘The offices will be built to third-generation specification and will have air conditioning.’
    • ‘We have been pushing ahead with the development of a third-generation system but it has not been decided when it will be put in use.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a broadband digital telephone technology that uses packet switching, supporting Internet connection and multimedia services for both mobile and landline phones.
      • ‘The race to be the first to launch third-generation mobile phone services is hotting up.’
      • ‘These functions will be at the heart of the mobile phone third-generation networks.’
      • ‘Until now existing third-generation mobile networks have competed against second-generation GSM networks.’
      • ‘The cellphone companies are looking to the introduction of so-called third-generation services for growth.’
      • ‘And companies have slowed the rollout of costly third-generation mobile networks.’
      • ‘Billions could be raised by selling the spectrum to telecoms companies - a neat idea, given credence by the funds raised through the sale of third-generation phone licences in 2000.’
      • ‘Known as 3G, or third-generation wireless service, the network has been in the works for years and is now available in a few select cities.’
      • ‘The UK's first third-generation mobile phone services were now expected to be delayed until early 2003.’
      • ‘The big noise here of course is the introduction of third-generation phones and services.’
      • ‘What's more, the development of so-called third-generation technology should bring much broader bandwidth to mobile devices within three years.’
      • ‘A Dutch study released in September did show that radio signals emitted from third-generation mobile base stations can cause headaches and nausea.’
      • ‘The losses are in line with market and management expectations as the company continues the start-up phase of its third-generation mobile network.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, cellular providers are putting their weight behind fast 3G, or third-generation, wireless networks.’
      • ‘The findings will be a serious blow to mobile operators that spent billions on third-generation technology and need a rapid return on their investment.’
      • ‘Singapore on Wednesday became the latest country to drop plans to auction third-generation mobile phone licences because of a lack of interest.’
      • ‘His focus is the study of using the forthcoming third-generation mobile networking technologies for the delivery of real-time multimedia services.’
      • ‘The race to launch the world's first third-generation communications network is turning into an embarrassment for the company.’
      • ‘The researchers say mergers and takeovers will be needed because third-generation mobile phone services will not move into profit before 2013.’
      • ‘Last year it sold 3 million pricey third-generation cell phones.’
      • ‘Even third-generation mobile services, offering videotalk, are slowing gaining customers.’