Definition of thiocyanate in English:



  • A salt containing the anion SCN⁻.

    • ‘The enzyme myrosinase reacts with glucosinolates present in plant foods and generates thiocyanate.’
    • ‘It was mixed in a water-based solution of cobalt thiocyanate, ferric chloride, and various acids.’
    • ‘The DNA was prepared using guanidine thiocyanate, ethanol precipitation, protease K digestion, chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation as described previously, and dissolved in TE buffer.’
    • ‘Why for instance does the use of two different monovalent salts, potassium thiocyanate and potassium chloride, produce such different results?’
    • ‘Both thiocysteine and thiosulfate can be used by the enzyme rhodanese to incorporate sulfur into cyanide, thereby detoxifying the cyanide to thiocyanate.’