Definition of think twice in English:

think twice


  • Consider a course of action carefully before embarking on it.

    ‘she would think twice about accepting a job where smoking was the norm’
    • ‘A few years ago in Atlanta, I wouldn't have thought twice about this scene.’
    • ‘‘I don't know how people don't know what's right and what's wrong,’ he says, giving no suggestion that he thought twice about going to war.’
    • ‘One day, perhaps not too far away, recycling won't be thought twice about (it's already second nature in many European nations).’
    • ‘In my pocket, I'm picking at one corner of the envelope, thinking twice about giving it to him, even thinking twice about taking the thing out of my pocket.’
    • ‘I suspect a number of adults would have thought twice about doing what you did.’
    • ‘And should parents think twice before enrolling their children on scuba courses?’
    • ‘Of course, once I thought twice about holiday math, I realized that 16.7 percent of all days occur during November and December.’
    • ‘I might have read these lines in any of hundreds of reports over the last decade or so, and the sad thing is that I wouldn't have thought twice about it.’
    • ‘Another study, by the Canadian Cancer Society, found 58% of smokers who saw photographic warnings on packets thought twice about the health costs of smoking.’
    • ‘Last year, many swimmers thought twice about entering the surf.’