Definition of think the world of in English:

think the world of


  • Have a very high regard for.

    ‘I thought the world of my father’
    • ‘Steven was a shy, quiet lad but when he came out of his shell and people got to know him, they thought the world of him.’
    • ‘She thought the world of all the children she taught over the years.’
    • ‘He thought the world of his sisters and brother.’
    • ‘And you also have three loving children who think the world of you so please don't get upset- or angry- over the confrontation this afternoon.’
    • ‘The boy thinks the world of Emilio, appreciating the kind and attentive way he treats him and his mom.’
    • ‘After my father died, when I was 23, I discovered through others that he thought the world of me.’
    • ‘I think the world of my mum, as she is so kind, caring and loving to all of us.’
    • ‘He thought the world of us and would have hated for us to be unhappy.’
    • ‘Her family were her pride and joy and she was devoted to them and they in turn thought the world of her.’
    • ‘‘He must have thought the world of his sister,’ says the woman, ‘to do all these commemorative things for her.’’
    adore, hold dear, love, care very much for, feel great affection for, dote on, be devoted to, revere, esteem, admire, appreciate
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