Definition of think something over in English:

think something over

phrasal verb

  • Consider something carefully.

    ‘he told the player to go home and think over his offer’
    • ‘I had a place lined up, I thought it over, I mused, I pondered, I decided to go with it.’
    • ‘He listened to those stories and at night he thought them over in his mind.’
    • ‘Winthrop thought my question over carefully as he mashed the pills up with a paperweight and drenched the mess with applesauce so he could eat it with the spoon attachment on his Swiss Army knife.’
    • ‘So the frog thinks it over for a minute and decides to accept the offer.’
    • ‘Carefully, she thought the words over in her head.’
    • ‘‘At the end of the season, I will think things over carefully and decide whether I should ever bowl again,’ he added.’
    • ‘Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that this guard did in fact stop to think things over carefully.’
    • ‘Kyle thought the matter over, pondering what the possible ramifications could be, hoping to summon some memory buried in his mind by his father.’
    • ‘He thought the problem over carefully, then nodded.’
    • ‘I studied the sweet counter intently, selecting a range of my favourite goodies, counting up the pennies, thinking it over carefully.’
    consider, contemplate, deliberate about, weigh up, consider the pros and cons of, mull over, ponder, reflect on, muse on, ruminate on
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