Definition of think something out (or through) in English:

think something out (or through)

phrasal verb

  • Consider something in all its aspects before taking action.

    ‘the plan had not been properly thought out’
    • ‘We thought things out together, slowly at first.’
    • ‘Well, um… okay, we maybe haven't thought this part out too far ahead.’
    • ‘If we'd thought it out, we probably wouldn't have done it this way.’
    • ‘Many suggestions were thought out and considered as hours flew by with still no real progress.’
    • ‘And after I thought it out, it seemed to me that this was the best alternative for me.’
    • ‘I just wonder if anyone thinks their purchases out so clearly, with such an eye on the origins of the product.’
    • ‘I think the people who say such things haven't quite thought the point out.’
    • ‘Every aspect of the house has been thought out in great detail, but for Eleanor the most appealing benefits are the views.’
    • ‘It is not a plan whose consequences have been thought out.’
    • ‘There were some last-minute additions to the program, but they weren't thought out properly.’