Definition of think piece in English:

think piece


  • An article in a newspaper, magazine, or journal presenting personal opinions, analysis, or discussion, rather than bare facts.

    • ‘I chose to take advantage of the prominence and stature of so many environmental historians to run a series of lead essays that were think pieces rather than conventional monographic articles.’
    • ‘As such, he didn't think that what the world needed was more 1,000-word reviews, profiles, or think pieces.’
    • ‘Cole is not a ‘author’ but the writer of a think piece - a very different scenario.’
    • ‘It was more of a media think piece than a report from the front lines.’
    • ‘This think piece from Scotland has a more serious take on the doomsday scenarios.’
    • ‘Surely, if the BBC can find server space for seemingly everything it's ever produced, there must be a bit of room for these think pieces?’
    • ‘It wasn't meant to be a polished, long-pondered think piece.’
    • ‘Remember all those think pieces about how positive the girl group were as role models?’
    • ‘He wrote a think piece for the Irish Law Society last autumn when an initial public consultation was still in train.’
    • ‘Arguably, the joy of a magazine lies in miscellany; drifting from cover to cover, from a book review to a news story, to a freewheeling think piece, say, a reader has a chance to delight in the diversity of existence.’
    • ‘It has around 100 columnists and semi-regular contributors, and runs smartly-written think pieces.’
    • ‘Well, this particular document is being described as more of a think piece.’
    • ‘From a think piece called ‘Reform is our Priority’, here's how he sees the current situation.’
    • ‘By way of contrast, a curious notion in other recent military think pieces runs the other way.’
    • ‘The site's culture department is just as stimulating, frequently supplying the kind of idiosyncratic think pieces so often absent in big newspapers' arts and leisure sections.’
    • ‘She isn't a new columnist - she's a staff reporter who writes an occasional think piece.’