Definition of thin air in English:

thin air


  • Used to refer to the state of being invisible or non-existent.

    ‘she just vanished into thin air’
    • ‘They all thought I was so smart but little did they know that I pulled that answer from thin air.’
    • ‘I don't think I can conjure up the kind of detail required out of thin air.’
    • ‘The museum's alarm went off, but by the time police arrived the culprits had disappeared into thin air.’
    • ‘In any event, it was a bravura performance, a long extempore speech, apparently pulled out of thin air.’
    • ‘Teaching unions have also joined force to ask how millions of pounds have seemingly disappeared into thin air.’
    • ‘Immorality prevails as sympathy for the unfortunate diminishes into thin air.’
    • ‘Surely all these people didn't just pluck these things out of thin air and just put them down on paper!’
    • ‘He disappears, as if into thin air, leaving me clutching his money in one hand and mine in the other.’
    • ‘None of this stuff is new, and who's to say it won't all vanish into thin air?’
    • ‘We've seen in the collapse of many technology companies that figures were plucked out of thin air.’