Definition of thin-film in English:



  • 1(of a process or device) using or involving a very thin solid or liquid film.

    ‘a thin-film coating on optical glass’
    • ‘In fact, he said, plastic polymer displays can be manufactured using a roll-to-roll process that is not unlike a printing press, whereby the thin-film display material is produced in continuous sheets.’
    • ‘However, thin-film optics was recognized as being physically inappropriate for crystal-like optical nanostructures.’
    • ‘Significant technological hurdles remain, however, before thin-film technology could be implemented as the primary power source for spacecraft.’
    • ‘Newer thin-film PV technology is lighter-weight and unbreakable, doesn't require expensive frames, tolerates cloudy weather and shading better, and costs less to produce than earlier products.’
    • ‘At present, lithium-ion batteries are the only kind to use the thin-film technology.’
    1. 1.1Electronics Denoting a miniature circuit or device consisting of a thin layer of metal or semiconductor on a ceramic or glass substrate.
      ‘thin-film transistors’
      • ‘In active-matrix display architecture, a thin-film polysilicon transistor on the substrate addresses each pixel individually.’
      • ‘The light is diverted by a reflector to a powerful thin-film transistor display upon which the 65,000 pixel color images are composed.’
      • ‘An integrated capacitive device has a thin-film capacitor formed of first and second electrode layers, electrically separated by a dielectric layer formed of a hydrogen-degradable compound.’
      • ‘When an electric field is applied between the electron-supply layer and the thin-film metal electrode, the electron emission device emits electrons.’
      • ‘A thin-film magnetic head has a semiconductor substrate in which there is an integrated circuit, and on which a magnetic layer structure is arranged.’