Definition of thimbleful in English:



  • A small quantity of liquid, especially alcohol:

    ‘a thimbleful of brandy’
    • ‘Whenever one of us would pour a thimbleful into his cup, the other two would jealously measure the outpouring with their eyes.’
    • ‘Just a thimbleful of such water is sufficient to transform a healthy person, in hours, into a deathly ill cholera sufferer.’
    • ‘An over-eager fellow taster twirls his glass with a flourish and sends four deadly thimblefuls of Pinot Noir flying in your direction.’
    • ‘Rub a thimbleful of water over your face and wipe off to finish.’
    • ‘The typical daily food ration was, according to one civilian, ‘five slices bread, half a small cutlet, half a tumbler of milk, two thimblefuls of fat, a few potatoes and an eggcup of sugar’.’
    • ‘I was instantly reminded of my time in Italy, where I spent all day and night in pavement cafes, sipping thimblefuls of espresso, strong and bitter.’
    • ‘There will also be plenty of Glaswegian humour, a thimbleful of alcohol or two, and not a Hooray Henry in sight.’
    • ‘A bird had flown up at me, curious about my beer, so I consciously poured a thimbleful down to his ledge.’
    • ‘She says, ‘Mother had always been a binge drunker, not touching a thimbleful for weeks or months when she'd gotten her gullet full.’’
    • ‘Turns out there was only a thimbleful of stuff left in the bottle, Jack just hadn't gotten around to throwing it out.’
    • ‘Matron allowed me to come too, for a while, to watch, pirouette around and drink a thimbleful of ginger wine.’
    • ‘You could wait until you've got only a thimbleful of gas in there, but why not fill up now and forget about it for the next 60,000 miles?’
    bit, spot, dram, nip, drop, splash
    little, some, small amount
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