Definition of thimbleberry in English:



  • A North American blackberry or raspberry with thimble-shaped fruit.

    Genus Rubus, family Rosaceae: several species, including R. odoratus, which has large, fragrant flowers and unpalatable fruit

    • ‘Delicious, dewy-cold thimbleberries were scattered on top.’
    • ‘Cloudberry and thimbleberry are harvested from bogs in Quebec for juice and liqueur production.’
    • ‘I've been studying them, wondering at the diet of the bear, how he can sustain himself on grasses and what appear to be shoots of thimbleberry and primeval horsetails.’
    • ‘Common in the understory are chokecherry, beaked hazelnut, a wild rose, red baneberry, thimbleberry, and bracken.’
    • ‘To add to his challenges, Likes must deal with a high volume of brush such as thimbleberry, twinberry, elderberry, and fireweed.’