Definition of thigmotaxis in English:



mass nounBiology
  • The motion or orientation of an organism in response to a touch stimulus.

    • ‘If correct, phobotaxis, strophotaxis, and thigmotaxis are thus consequences, and not the causes, of the observed movements.’
    • ‘Both fight control and thigmotaxis involve mechanoreceptive inputs from different parts of the body.’
    • ‘It has been found, however, that Typhlichthys subterraneus does have a strong thigmotaxis and keeps the top of its head touching and parallel to surfaces.’
    • ‘Conversely, psychomotor stimulants tend to increase locomotion and exploration without altering thigmotaxis.’
    • ‘Note that even though the animal samples the entire cylinder when the negative stimuli are off, it responds to the negative stimuli by turning around and moving directly towards the goal area, rather than exhibiting thigmotaxis.’


Early 20th century: from Greek thigma ‘touch’ + taxis.