Definition of thigh gap in English:

thigh gap


  • A space between the upper thighs of a person standing with their legs together (typically used in reference to female body shape)

    ‘Millie's widening thigh gap signalled that she was far too skinny’
    • ‘All I can say about those who aspire to have thigh gaps - aspire to be healthy instead!’
    • ‘We can't all be blonde, or have a thigh gap (yech), or look like Barbie dolls - nor should we!’
    • ‘The truth is I couldn't care less about needing a thigh gap.’
    • ‘Teens and women are becoming dangerously infatuated with acquiring the thin legs and wide thigh gaps.’
    • ‘For many girls, a thigh gap isn't even possible (without being dangerously thin, that is).’