Definition of thickset in English:



  • (of a person or animal) heavily or solidly built; stocky.

    ‘a thickset boy with dark greasy hair’
    • ‘The findings, based on ancient human bones from a cave in Romania, add to the long-running debate as to why Neandertals, a heavy-browed, thickset species of human, eventually became extinct.’
    • ‘The widow's small thickset neighbours, gathered in the plain, seemly room, are doggedly attentive as the priest, comically, explains the afterlife to a ghost.’
    • ‘The thickset man, who was in his 50s, drove off with a trailer in tow, but was followed by Mr Long.’
    • ‘Without the racist prop the reader would have been just like anyone else on the train, yet with it he suddenly appeared to be an archetypal thickset English thug.’
    • ‘Described as a thickset man of average height, Joe always wore a cap.’
    • ‘Before we could walk to the door, a thickset man opened it.’
    • ‘The peasant in charge of laundry duty, a thickset, intimidating woman of considerable age, looked Kelly up and down with a beady, critical eye.’
    • ‘As he strode across the lobby, I saw an elderly man, thickset and tough, who resembled an oil tycoon.’
    • ‘Karl stood up almost immediately to shake the hand of a thickset man.’
    • ‘The commander was a thickset man with hooded eyelids and a greasy charm.’
    • ‘He's a thickset, ex-pat Brit who's spent nine no-risk years sunning himself by his swimming pool, tempting skin cancer.’
    • ‘I just retain the impression of a short, thickset, dark-haired individual dressed in hairy tweed and sitting in silence in an armchair.’
    • ‘In one corner, I noticed that a group of thickset males were eyeing their orders.’
    • ‘One afternoon a short, thickset visitor, bearded and dressed à la mode, presented himself backstage.’
    • ‘He was positioned behind three other men and a thickset woman.’
    • ‘Yes, I was accosted, again, in my driveway with two very thickset people, attempted to get into the car at night.’
    • ‘The guest was a thickset, strong-looking middle-aged man with grey hair and moustache.’
    • ‘A thickset woman with very short, dark hair, she was silent and barely flinched as people passing her hissed insults into her ear.’
    • ‘He sat up, revealing broad, stocky shoulders and thickset arms to go along with them.’
    • ‘Everywhere you look, there are thickset bully boys in tight-fitting suits, ready to dish out punishment.’
    heavily built, stocky, bull-necked, sturdy, sturdily built, well built, chunky, burly, strapping, brawny, muscular, solid, heavy, hefty, beefy, meaty
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