Definition of theropod in English:



  • A carnivorous dinosaur of a group whose members were typically bipedal and ranged from small and delicately built to very large.

    Suborder Theropoda, order Saurischia; includes the carnosaurs, ornithomimosaurs, coelurosaurs, and dromaeosaurids

    • ‘However, these feathered theropods are clearly just one small group of dinosaurs, and if they were all transported to modern times, they are so similar we would put them all in the same small group.’
    • ‘Some theropods probably ate other dinosaurs' eggs.’
    • ‘If no later birds had evolved, Archaeopteryx would be classified as a feathered theropod, assuming we understood feathers in the absence of birds.’
    • ‘We know that it is a dromaeosaur, a theropod and relative of Velociraptor.’
    • ‘Allosaurus is the most common of the theropods, making up more than 60% of all theropod specimens.’
    • ‘Hence, we are suggesting that the pattern of lung ventilation during running in non-avian theropods was the opposite of that observed in recent birds.’
    • ‘T. rex is a member of a large group of dinosaurs called theropods.’
    • ‘Russell reminds readers that we do not know the biogeographic origin of birds, or theropods, or dinosaurs.’
    • ‘Much has been written about the small, late Cretaceous theropods known as alvarezsaurids.’
    • ‘The theropods include such charismatic extinct animals as Tyrannosaurus rex, as well as the only surviving dinosaurs - the birds.’
    • ‘Sifting through the collection, they separated out the bones of a theropod, or meat-eating dinosaur.’
    • ‘Case said the shape of the teeth and features of the feet were characteristic of a group of dinosaurs known as theropods, which includes the tyrannosaurs, as well as all other meat-eating dinosaurs.’
    • ‘Although great size, as well as a great range of body sizes, are among the most familiar qualities of dinosaurs, the early theropods were both small and fairly uniform.’
    • ‘Dromaeosaurs, a group of small, fleet-footed dinosaurs in the theropod family, are thought to be the closest known relatives of birds.’
    • ‘The next largest carnivores were usually dromaeosaurs or other, much smaller theropods.’
    • ‘Accumulating evidence suggests that living birds are the direct descendants of theropods, a group of meat-eating dinosaurs that walked on two legs.’
    • ‘Apparently, however, the jaws of theropods were relatively weaker for their length than those of carnivorans.’
    • ‘Much fossil evidence has been uncovered supporting the idea that birds evolved from a group of bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs called theropods.’
    • ‘Just to add an element of confusion, actual birds evolved from the lizard-hipped theropods, not from the bird-hipped ornithischians.’
    • ‘The bones of ceratosaurians, like those of all known theropods, are hollow.’


1930s: from Greek thēr ‘beast’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.