Definition of thermotaxis in English:



mass nounBiology
  • Movement of an organism towards or away from a source of heat.

    • ‘If its new role holds up, it will be the first time a temperature-sensing protein has been implicated in mediating thermotaxis in animals.’
    • ‘‘I would stop short of concluding that the data provide strong proof for the existence of thermotaxis in rabbit sperm,’ she says.’
    • ‘Unlocking the physiological significance of thermotaxis in E. coli remains a challenge, particularly because of the many environmental niches where this bacterium can be found.’
    • ‘My lab uses thermotaxis, directed migration guided by differences in temperature, to study this fundamental question.’
    • ‘Using chemotaxis and thermotaxis as behavioral paradigms, neural plasticity including learning and memory can be studied genetically in C. elegans.’