Definition of thermostat in English:



  • A device that automatically regulates temperature, or that activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point.

    • ‘Programmable thermostats regulate backup heating and cooling systems, reducing demand when the house is unoccupied or residents are asleep.’
    • ‘You can alter the temperature with a wall thermostat or a remote control.’
    • ‘The temperature of the bath was controlled by a microprocessor-based thermostat.’
    • ‘I also know that trash containing mercury is thrown in the landfill - old thermostats, switches and thermometers among other things - so that mercury emissions are a major problem.’
    • ‘Graham tells me the house is running at normal temperatures, and the thermostat agrees with him.’
    • ‘Most staff being laid off worked on the factory floor, assembling the thermostats and power regulators.’
    • ‘Furthermore, building managers can save up to 15 percent on electricity bills by programming thermostats to trigger warming and cooling as needed during the workday while hibernating at night and on the weekends.’
    • ‘Regardless of the fuel they burn, central heating systems generally use electronic thermostats, pumps or blowers, and other controls that will need a reliable source of electricity.’
    • ‘Traditionally, older people are less inclined to reach for the thermostat when the mercury drops and can suffer as a result of not wanting to rack up huge heating bills.’
    • ‘Changing my thermostat to alter the temperature inside my house is another such example.’
    • ‘For temperature scans, a thermocouple connected to a thermostat was placed in the sample window close to the sample.’
    • ‘Based on the temperature reading on the thermostat the fans click on and off to maintain a steady desired temperature.’
    • ‘Also make sure you know who has control of the thermostat so the temperature can be adjusted if needed.’
    • ‘On your way to bed, set the thermostat to a temperature that's not too hot or too cold.’
    • ‘Check the water temperature with an accurate thermometer; hot tub thermostats may differ in regulating water temperatures by as much as four degrees.’
    • ‘However, if the temperature and coolant level are okay, it suggests that the temperature sensor in the thermostat is faulty.’
    • ‘The thermostats in electric ovens are now much more accurate, so you'll have to recalibrate your cooking times.’
    • ‘Install a programmable thermostat that will automatically lower night-time temperatures.’
    • ‘Programmable digital thermostats automatically control your home's heating and cooling.’
    • ‘The newer thermostats are programmable, electronic devices that couple sensors with circuitry to do the job.’